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A great way to customize scrubs

When working in a medical center like a hospital, dental practice or a beauty center it is common to wear scrubs. Scrubs are not only worn because of the protection they provide but also because they are comfortable and recognizable for the customers. However if you have to wear the scrubs day in and out you will probably miss your own clothes. Because yeah scrubs can be a bit boring right. They often come in white, gray or blue and those are not the most happy colors. Due to this reason we would like to help you with customizing the scrubs, so that you feel comfortable in it. 

Choose the company colors

Did you know that the popular brand Jaanuu offers medical clothing in different colors? No? Take a look at our website scrub-supply and you will see all the collections of the brand. How great would it be to trade the basic and boring white scrubs for happy colors like yellow, purple, red or even pink. However, we can understand that not all the companies would like that. Can you imagine what the hospital would look like if every employee or department has their own color medical clothing? Probably way more happier! But maybe also a bit unprofessional… For that reason it is also an option to wear scrubs in the company colors. That way you as a customer can still recognize the employees. And the employees maybe feel better because they now wear a scrub with the official colors of the company, which will make them feel included and really part of the company. 

Personalize the scrubs

An other way to customize the scrubs is with personalization. Only of you are allowed, ofcourse you can choose to personalize the scrubs with prints or embroidery. It is possible to embroil your name on the scrub or the company logo and name. Or maybe you are allowed to even personalize it with a print you like. Never work in the same basic scrubs any more but with the scrubs you designed and you like. 

Match with great accessories 

For the unlucky birds among us who has to stick to the company policies…. there is still another option to customize the medical clothes with some great accessories of course. There are some great accessories that you can match with the basic scrubs for example colorful socks. And don’t forget the scrub caps or surgical hats that you can wear. They don’t need to have a basic color, but you can choose a nice print. Also the badge reel can be more informal than the normal badge reel. Just try to add a couple accessories and see how far you can go before you have the team staff complaining about your nice look. 


It is important that you feel comfortable with the medical clothing you have to wear. Because if you feel good, you will shine and that is a plus for the company and also the customers. Have fun at work and have fun feeling good in your scrub.