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Fulfil your artful dreams with custom paintings

Anyone who loves art has dreamt of their own custom paintings, right? If you are a hardcore art lover and have thought about this in the past, we have one more question for you: are you a fan of abstract contemporary paintings? If your answer is yes, we would love to introduce you to Ellen De Vylder. She is a Belgian artist who resides on the outskirts of Antwerp where she lives life with her family. Her forte is abstract art and she retrieves her inspiration mostly from her inner emotional world and what her day-to-day life makes her feel. Based on these emotions she will select fitting colours and get to work on her paintings. However, she also adores creating custom art for whoever is willing to put their trust in her hands and paintbrushes.

Trust this artist with your wishes for a unique work of art

As anything custom goes, it is all about your vision. Ellen prioritizes clear and frequent communication so she can make small changes when necessary. For custom paintings she leaves the choice up to the buyer on the size of the art work. The colours are also up to you to choose: these can be based on the interior design of your own home. You could also draw some inspiration from her work ethic and base your custom artwork on a peculiar feeling. Think to yourself what colours the feeling reminds you of and then Ellen can get to work on your original painting.

Take a closer look at her art from the past

If you made it this far, we are sure you are getting curious about possible custom paintings. We invite you to take a look at her website’s portfolio. If you are more into social media, look her up on Instagram or Pinterest. Her account on both of these channels is frequently updated with work she has previously finished. It allows you to take up some possible inspiration. Moreover, it might give you an idea if her art style is to your liking. If it is, do not hesitate to contact her through email or Instagram. She would love to hear your ideas!