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Fasting and Longevity

Fasting and Longevity – Will You Live Longer If You Fast? Undoubtedly, everyone wishes to have the best life for themselves, especially in terms of health and longevity. Many popular methods like healthy eating habits, exercising, healthy sleep pattern, and a balanced and healthy lifestyle can play an essential part in prolonging your life. However, fasting is often ignored by people in the pursue of a long life.

There are many health benefits of fasting. Better health means you have fewer chances of dying from natural diseases. Hence, fasting is important to attain longevity. Some of the ways in which fasting can help you live longer are:

1.    Mitigate the Chances of Getting Cancer

Cancer is a major leading cause of death around the world. The number of cancer patients is rising rapidly due to a lot of factors. Some researches have found that fasting can be beneficial in reducing your risk of getting cancer.

Fasting can be considered as a combative tool against cancer. Consuming fewer calories will trigger favorable metabolic reactions in your body, for example, ketosis. Such reactions are essential in boosting your immunity, repairing cells, detoxification of the organs, and suitable changes at the cellular level. Hence, fasting should be observed in a balanced way to make sure you are able to enjoy its benefits without hurting your body.

2.    Improves Cardiac Health

Fasting can decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions, according to the Mayo Clinic. Obesity, blood sugar levels, hypertension, and cholesterol levels are maintained in the normal range while fasting, so the common underlying conditions of heart diseases are also minimized.

3.    Prevents Diabetes

Diabetes can cause several other serious diseases. It is imperative that you take steps to reduce your chances of getting diabetes, so you can enjoy your life to the fullest without worrying about your blood sugar levels all the time. Research by Harvard found that circadian rhythm fasting can decrease the risk of getting diabetes. Circadian rhythm fasting means adjusting your diet according to the sleep pattern. In this way, you can maintain a healthy weight and have fewer chances of becoming diabetic.

4.    Prevents Obesity

Just like diabetes, obesity can also be the underlying condition of many serious illnesses. It has become a serious issue, especially in developed countries. Obesity can cause health problems like diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, and even early death.

Since increased weight loss is one of the primary benefits of fasting, you should take up this opportunity to remain fit and healthy by avoiding obesity. Water fasts and OMAD fasts are very helpful in losing weight quickly.

5.    Adjust Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can cause stroke and cardio issues due to unhealthy blood pressure levels. Cleveland Clinic states that blood pressure can be regulated via fasting, and thus conditions like obesity, irregular cholesterol, and diabetes can be prevented.


After reading the above explanation, you have become familiar with the numerous benefits of fasting. It can certainly lead to a healthier and longer life. A study conducted with the help of 2,000 Mormon also found that people who used to fast every month as a religious practice were able to live about 4 to 5 years longer than the people who did not fast monthly. Similar studies have also validated the claim that fasting can help you living longer.