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Outstanding window mannequins

Have you ever wondered where those outstanding window mannequins come from and why some stores have unique items that stand out with their style? Your questions are being answered by BONAMI. This company is located at Aalter, in Belgium and is an expert in the creation and manufacturing of window mannequins. They make tailored made mannequins for every single one of their customers. It is in some way like making art in the shape of window mannequins that represent your store.

The manufacturing process of tailor made mannequins

BONAMI runs through multiple steps to reach the perfect mannequin that fulfils all your visions and desires. At first, your idea will be shaped into a basic silhouette out of clay or in 3D. This team gets their ideas from everywhere and is open for every kind of input you would like to give. Next, the sculptors continue to add the character to the mannequin, such as turning it into full body female mannequins to embrace power positivity. It will be shaped and reshaped until he perfect prototype has been formed. With an innovative production process, this company is able to ensure you a very clean production which is fully mechanised. Take a look at the tailor made window mannequins on their website and get inspired. Perhaps their full body female mannequins are exactly what you are looking for.

Get in touch with these creators

The whole process of creating and manufacturing window mannequins is fascinating and inspiring and makes you want to have your own personal designed mannequins. So do not hesitate any longer and get in touch with the wonderful creators of these mannequins. Speak out your wishes, decide whether you would like female mannequins, male mannequins, model sizes or a full body to display your collection. will make your visualisations come true.