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Take safety precautions and create a cable safe working environment

Safety on the work floor is of utmost importance for employers and employees. That is why you can buy a variety of safety products at ISP. This company understands the importance of safety, especially in industries such as refineries, automotive, offshore, marine and chemical plants. Do you work in one of these industries or another industry where the risks of certain hazards are high? Then take the right safety precautions and buy safety products from ISP. Do you work with loose cables and wires for instance? The safety hooks and cable guards that this company offers, are of very high quality and can contribute to a safe working environment.

Safety products made from the best materials

The safety hooks from ISP are made from glass-fibre reinforced polyester. This is extremely good material, which means that these safety hooks have a high durability and hardly require any maintenance. It is not only a cost-friendly product, but also very simple to use. It saves you a lot of time if you gather loose cables and wires with the safety hooks and cable guards from ISP instead of bundling them with tie wraps for example. The safety hooks can be used with one hand, are available in four various sizes and are bright yellow coloured for extra visibility. That way, you prevent tripping hazards and the damaging of important cables and wires. With the safety hooks and cable guards from ISP, you definitely create a safe working environment for your employees.

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Do you want to know more about the various safety products that ISP offers for creating a safe working environment, like the safety hooks, cable guards and self-closing safety gates? Please go to their website and discover all there is to know about these products. If you have any questions left, you can always contact ISP and ask anything you want to know.