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Use cunifer for marine solutions

Before you start your own project of piping systems, it is important that you obviously have some knowledge about it. Have you ever heard of cunifer and the 5d bend? Probably not. Yet, these are two important components that may well apply to your project. Cunifer is a pipe alloy material that is corrosion resistant. It is good to use in marine solutions, such as in saltwater environments. This pipe does not wear out quickly and repels infestations such as algae and mold. At, they always have both the 5d bend and cunifer materials in stock. The staff at are also aware of all the information concerning their components and are therefore always available for questions. Do you have a specific question or wish? Then do not hesitate to contact them.

Choose between the 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d or 5d bend

There is more to consider than you probably think of when you want to install a pipe system. For example, the width of your pipes is very important. For example, do you want to lay thick pipes? Then you will also need a bend with a larger radius. At, you therefore have the possibility to buy various bends. You can buy the standard 1d and 2d bends, but you can also choose a 5d bend where the diameter is five times larger than normal. This is very nice when you want to let fluids flow through the pipes with great force. It may be that the 5d bend works perfectly on one system and not on another. Therefore, it is important to get advice before you purchase your pieces. The specialists are therefore always available to provide you with information about cunifer, the 5d bend or other parts.

Consult the experts

You will feast your eyes on the wide range of pipe pieces at this specialist. One tip: don’t make it too difficult for yourself and consult with the experts which piece is best for you. They can always be reached through the contact information on their website.